November 29, 2012



Scientist Frank Olson was drugged with LSD and 'murdered by CIA'

A US government scientist was drugged by CIA agents and then thrown to his death from the 13th floor of a Manhattan hotel after he learned about secret torture sites in Europe, according to a lawsuit filed by his family.

Scientist Frank Olson was drugged with LSD and 'murdered by CIA' Eric Olson composes his thoughts Thursday, Aug. 8, 2002, during a news conference at his house in Braddock Heights, Md. concerning the death of his father, Fort Detrick scientist Frank Olson
Eric Olson composes his thoughts Thursday, Aug. 8, 2002, during a news conference at his house in Braddock Heights, Md. concerning the death of his father, Fort Detrick scientist Frank Olson Photo: AP

The sons of Dr Frank Olson claim that their father was murdered in 1953 after he discovered that his biological research was being used to torture and kill suspects in Norway and West Germany.

After raising concerns about the killings, Dr Olson was allegedly given LSD in a glass of brandy and then executed by the CIA, triggering what his family claims is "a multi-decade cover-up that continues to this day".

The scientist began working with the spy agency in the 1950s and focused on biological weapons that could be transmitted through the air.

During his travels in Europe he "witnessed extreme interrogations in which the CIA committed murder using biological agents that Dr Olson had developed".

The lawsuit gives no details about the reported deaths in Europe and the Ministry of Defence would not comment on Dr Olson's activities in Britain.

A MoD spokesman said that Porton Down had been used to develop countermeasures to biological weapons and "part of this work included ongoing collaboration with our international allies, including the US".

Dr Olson was apparently shaken by what he had seen and returned to the US resigned to resolve from the agency. On November 19, 1953 he was taken to a secret meeting Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, where he was given LSD hidden in a glass of brandy.

Days later he was brought to New York for "psychiatric treatment" by CIA officials who allegedly told his family that he had become unstable and violent.

At 2.30am on November 28, Dr Olson went through the window of the Statler Hotel's room 1018a, which he was allegedly sharing with a CIA doctor, and died in the street below.

The CIA initially claimed his death was an accident but in the 1970s, as its activities were investigated in the wake of the Watergate scandal, it admitted that he had been drugged and said that his death was a suicide.

Dr Olson's family was paid a settlement and invited to the White House by President Gerald Ford, who apologised for the government's concealment of the drugging.

However, the family remained unsatisfied with the government's account and in 1996 exhumed Dr Olson's body and claimed to have found evidence of a blow to the head suffered before his fall.

Prosecutors in New York re-opened an investigation and although they were unable to turn up new evidence decided to change Dr Olson's cause of death from "suicide" to "unknown".

The family are now suing the government, claiming that the CIA is continuing to conceal files relating to their father's death.

“The evidence shows that our father was killed in their custody. They have lied to us ever since, withholding documents and information, and changing their story when convenient," said Eric Olson.

A CIA spokeswoman said that its covert programmes of the 1950s had been "thoroughly investigated" and that "tens of thousands of pages related to the program have been declassified and released to the public.”

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Family sues US over scientist's mysterious death

Posted: Nov 28, 2012 3:56 PM CST
Updated: Nov 28, 2012 5:26 PM CST

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) - The sons of a Cold War scientist who plunged to his death in 1953 several days after unwittingly taking LSD in a CIA mind-control experiment sued the government Wednesday. They claimed the CIA murdered their father, Frank Olson, by pushing him from a 13th-story window of a hotel - not, as the CIA says, that he jumped to his death.

Sons Eric and Nils Olson of Frederick, Md., sought unspecified compensatory damages in the lawsuit filed in federal court, but their lawyer, Scott D. Gilbert, said they also want to see a broad range of documents related to Olson's death and other matters that they say the CIA has withheld from them since the death.

Olson was a bioweapons expert at Fort Detrick, the Army's biological weapons research center in Maryland. Their lawsuit claims the CIA killed Olson when he developed misgivings after witnessing extreme interrogations in which they allege the CIA committed murder using biological agents Olson had developed.

The CIA had a program in the 1950s and '60s called MK-ULTRA, which involved brainwashing and administering experimental drugs like LSD to unsuspecting individuals. The project was investigated by Congress in the 1970s.

Olson consumed a drink laced with LSD by CIA agents on Nov. 19, 1953, the suit says. Later that month, after being taken to New York City purportedly for a "psychiatric" consultation, Olson plunged to his death.

At the time - when Eric and Nils Olson were 9 and 5 years old, respectively - the CIA said he died in an accident and did not divulge to his family that Olsen had been given LSD.

But in 1975, a commission headed by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller released a report on CIA abuses that included a reference to an Army scientist who had jumped from a New York hotel days after being slipped LSD in 1953. Family members threatened to sue, but President Gerald Ford invited the family to the White House, assuring them they would be given all the government's information. CIA Director William Colby handed over documents and the family accepted a $750,000 settlement to avert a lawsuit.

In an email, CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Youngblood said that while the agency doesn't comment on matters before U.S. courts, "CIA activities related to MK-ULTRA have been thoroughly investigated over the years, and the agency cooperated with each of those investigations." She noted that tens of thousands of pages related to the program have been released to the public.

In a statement, Eric Olson said that the CIA has not given a complete picture of what happened to his father.

"The evidence shows that our father was killed in their custody," he said. "They have lied to us ever since, withholding documents and information, and changing their story when convenient."

November 28, 2012

IHOP Problems: Member Micah Moore Accused of Murder

UPDATE... New Twist
Attorney: Prayer group killing confession made up

Micah Moore’s confession in Deaton death was untrue, lawyer says

Years ago, I attended the Kansas City IHOP (Intrnational House of Prayer) founded by Mike Bickle but cut all ties after the Lord opened my eyes to it's massive deception. 

Today, we read a very strange story in which Micah Moore says he was asked to kill Bethany Ann Deaton at the request of her new husband, Tyler Deaton, an IHOP prayer group leader, who was afraid that she would report the sexual assaults that had been committed on her!

Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012

Micah Moore, charged in Deaton prayer group murder, in court today

Prayer Group Killing
Keith Myers
Micah Moore, 23, right, is escorted into the Jackson County Courthouse Annex in Independence, Mo., on Nov. 13 for his murder charge in the death of 27-year-old Bethany Ann Deaton.

Man says prayer group leader told him to kill wife
Secrets of Tyler Deaton's prayer group emerge 
A man charged with first-degree murder in the death of a prayer-group friend will have a preliminary hearing today in Independence.

Earlier this month, Micah Moore, 23, reportedly walked into the Independence police department and told officers he'd killed Bethany Ann Deaton at the request of her new husband, a charismatic prayer group leader.

Bethany Ann Deaton was found dead Oct. 30 in a parked van at Longview Lake. Authorities initially believed she killed herself.

Moore told police he killed Bethany Ann Deaton her at the order of group leader Tyler Deaton, allegedly because of fear she would tell her therapist about sexual assaults on her by members of the group.

Moore lived with the Deatons in a communal home shared by male members of their prayer group. He told police that several members had sexually assaulted Bethany Deaton and that they were worried she would tell someone. Moore claims that's when Tyler Deaton ordered him to kill Bethany Deaton, according to a criminal complaint.

Most members of the group, including Tyler Deaton and his wife, attended International House of Prayer, “end times”-focused evangelical mission base. IHOP has drawn thousands of young people from all over the world to Kansas City.

Tyler Deaton has not been charged in his wife's death. Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said Deaton was under investigation but declined to elaborate.

The hearing is set for 1:30 this afternoon at the Jackson County Courthouse Annex in Independence.

| The Star

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INVESTIGATION | Witness points to a ‘sexual group’ living in a Grandview house

Woman was murdered to cover sexual assaults, authorities allege

Bethany Ann Deaton was killed to hide assaults on her, prosecutors contend.

Micah Moore
Micah Moore

Bethany Ann Deaton’s death was supposed to look like a suicide.

Sheriff’s deputies found her body inside a van at Longview Lake on Oct. 30. There was a note and an empty pill bottle, and over her head was a white plastic bag.

Now prosecutors say the 27-year-old woman was murdered to keep her from revealing a history of sexual assaults on her by several people living under one Grandview roof.

Micah Moore, 23, of Kansas City, was charged Saturday with first-degree murder.

According to court documents, Moore met with a detective on Friday, 10 days after Deaton’s body was found, and said, “I killed her.” He said he had feared that Deaton was going to tell her therapist about assaults that had occurred over the previous few months.

The statement said Moore admitted that he was with Deaton at Longview Lake and that he “placed a bag over her head and held it there until her body shook.”

Moore and several witnesses whose names were redacted from court documents told investigators that they had been roommates with Bethany Deaton and her husband, Tyler Deaton, in the 7300 block of East 122nd Street. They described a household where Tyler Deaton served as the “spiritual leader” of a “community.”

One witness said he believed Tyler Deaton was attempting to make the witness a member of “their sexual group,” the detective’s statement said.

Another of the witnesses, according to the statement, described “Deaton’s behavior … as ‘angry’ (and) ‘frustrated’ ” in the weeks before Bethany Deaton’s death and said Tyler Deaton had told him three days after her body was found that “he had a dream that he had killed his wife by suffocating her.”

Attempts to reach Tyler Deaton on Saturday night were unsuccessful.

Moore said he was told to kill Bethany Deaton by a person who said “he knew Micah had it in him to do it.” That person’s name was redacted in the detective’s statement.

No one other than Moore has been charged in the case, but the Jackson County prosecutor’s office statement noted that the case is under investigation.

Moore is charged only with murder, though the detective’s statement said that Moore had admitted to a pastor, Shelley Hundley, that he had committed sexual assaults.

Hundley, who is a member of the executive team at the International House of Prayer in south Kansas City, declined to comment Saturday night.

According to court documents, Hundley said that she had talked with Moore at the Grandview Police Department and that he had admitted the sexual assaults. He told her they were recorded on his tablet computer, which was in a backpack in his apartment in the 11100 block of College Avenue. Also on the tablet were poems the assailants had written about the assaults, he said.

Neighbors on the same block as the Grandview house said more than a dozen Jackson County Sheriff’s Department vehicles converged on the house around 6 p.m. Friday. They witnessed at least one person being taken away, apparently in handcuffs. Investigators searching the house also carried out computers, they said.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Ronda Montgomery confirmed that a person was taken into custody and questioned. The person was released but remains a person of interest, she said.

In the past, 15 cars or more, many with Texas license plates, would crowd the street once or twice a week and the house would fill with people, mostly men, said Terra Lindsey, 32.

“My kids asked why there were so many people in the house and they told them they did Bible study,” she said.

When deputies were dispatched to a shelter house at Longview Lake shortly before 10 p.m. Oct. 30, they found Bethany Deaton’s body in the back seat of a van. A small notepad on the console of the van had an apparent suicide note:

“My name is Bethany Deaton. I chose this evil thing. I did it because I wouldn’t be a real person and what is the point of living if it is too late for that? I wish I had chosen differently a long time ago. I knew it all and refused to listen. Maybe Jesus will still save me.”

An empty 100-count bottle of acetaminophen PM was in a cup holder, and an unopened bottle was on the van console.

Her body was sent to her family in Texas. The funeral was Friday.

An online obituary described her as a “precious jewel” who was “a lover of books, writing, nature, deep conversations, dance, worship and, most of all, Jesus.”

She studied English and Spanish and graduated magna cum laude from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, in 2005, the obituary states. She moved to Kansas City to be an intern at the International House of Prayer.

She earned a nursing degree in August 2012 and married Tyler Deaton on Aug. 18. They planned to serve overseas as missionaries.

“Even as we celebrate Bethany’s life, we deeply grieve our loss,” the obituary said. “We pray that God will help us understand the many unanswered questions that continue to be investigated.”

The Star’s Judy Thomas contributed to this report. To reach Joe Robertson, call 816-234-4789 or send email to

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Man says prayer group leader told him to kill wife

Less than three months after he stood as a groomsman in the wedding of two friends he had known since college in Texas, Micah Moore walked into a suburban Kansas City police department and unloaded a dark secret: He had taken the woman's life at the request of her new husband, a charismatic prayer group leader.

Police said Bethany Deaton's death initially appeared to be a suicide. Officers found a note and empty bottle of over-the-counter pain medication along with her body in a minivan parked by a lake on Oct. 30.

It wasn't until Moore confessed nearly two weeks later that police announced she had been killed. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on a first-degree murder charge Wednesday.

In the criminal complaint filed in support of the charge, police detailed a stunning series of allegations that Moore made as part of his confession.

Moore, 23, lived with Deaton and her husband, Tyler, in a communal home shared by male members of their prayer group. He told police that several members had sexually assaulted Bethany Deaton and that they were worried she would tell someone. Moore said that's when Tyler Deaton ordered him to kill Bethany Deaton, according to a criminal complaint.

Tyler Deaton has not been charged in his wife's death. Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said Deaton was under investigation but declined to elaborate. Deaton does not have a listed phone number and did not respond to requests for comment The Associated Press made through Facebook and phone and email messages to his father.

Moore's attorney, Melanie Morgan, declined to comment.

Tyler and Bethany Deaton moved to Kansas City in 2009 from Texas to attend a six-month internship at the non-accredited International House of Prayer University. The two had met as freshmen at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, in 2005, and two years later Tyler started a prayer group, a former longtime member of the group told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he was afraid of retaliation from Tyler Deaton.

Tyler Deaton was listed at one point as a division coordinator for IHOPU's "friendship groups," but the school said that was a mistake. It issued a statement distancing itself from Tyler Deaton after Moore, a student at IHOPU, was arrested.

"Since Bethany's death it has come to light that over five years ago, both she and Mr. Moore joined an independent, close-knit, religious group in Georgetown, Texas," the school said in a statement. "This religious group of fewer than 20 people was led by Tyler Deaton. They relocated to Kansas City over the last few years and operated under a veil of secrecy."

IHOPU is the educational arm of International House of Prayer of Kansas City, an evangelical Christian group focused on missions and preparation for the end of time.

The Deatons' prayer group had at least two houses, with women living in one and men in another. Bethany Deaton, 27, moved into the men's house with Tyler Deaton after they married in August.

According to the criminal complaint, Moore told police that men in the house began drugging Bethany Deaton and sexually assaulting her soon after she moved in. He said she was seeing a therapist and group members became concerned she would tell the therapist about the assaults. 

Moore and other men who lived in the house told police that several group members also were having sexual relations with Tyler Deaton, unbeknownst to his wife. One man, whose name was blacked out of the criminal complaint, told police that Tyler Deaton said after Bethany Deaton died that he had had a dream he killed his wife by suffocating her.

Moore told detectives Tyler Deaton instructed him to kill Bethany Deaton because he knew Moore had it in him to do it, and that Moore reported back to Tyler Deaton after she was dead. Moore told police that he had placed a bag over Bethany Deaton's head and held it there until her body shook.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/KCTV News
Bethany Deaton

Tyler Deaton

IHOP Website 


An Unknown Berean's Blog showing that IHOP is New Age





Whatsup Posts on IHOP and founder Mike Bickle
Deception Alert: Spirtual Warfare, C Peter Wagner, YWAM, IHOP and Frank Sandford

RED ALERT! Bentley and Joyner Alliance

Whatsup with Joel's Army?

Why Are Ye Fearful, O Ye of Little Faith?


The above photo was taken last weekend from the St Andrews State Park pier here in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The blue-green water was so calm, so clear and so beautiful showing why this is called the Emerald Coast.

Of course, it's not always this calm and over the years major storms, tornadoes and hurricanes have caused great damage.

Nevertheless, this picture typifies the hope and peace possible through the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Matthew 8 tells how a storm came while Jesus and his disciples were in a ship at sea.

Panicked, they woke Jesus up saying, "Lord, save us: we perish."

Jesus replied, "Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?"

Matthew writes, "Then he arose and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm. But the men marvelled, saying, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!"

Are you fearful? Sometimes, yes.

Over the years, I have found the only place of perfect peace is at the foot of the cross where perfect love casts out fear.

May we each put our faith in the risen Saviour whose blood washes away our sin and makes us free for all eternity.

Q. What can wash away my sin?

A. Nothing but the blood of Jesus!

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving: Let Us Sing Unto the LORD

Photo from


O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.

Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.

For the LORD [is] a great God, and a great King above all gods.

In his hand [are] the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills [is] his also.

The sea [is] his, and he made it: and his hands formed the dry [land].

O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.

For he [is] our God; and we [are] the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. To day if ye will hear his voice,

Harden not your heart, as in the provocation, [and] as [in] the day of temptation in the wilderness:

When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my work.

Forty years long was I grieved with [this] generation, and said, It [is] a people that do err in their heart, and they have not known my ways:

Unto whom I sware in my wrath that they should not enter into my rest.

November 18, 2012

The LORD is my Refuge - Psalm 91


He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the LORD, [He is] my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, [and] from the noisome pestilence.

He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth [shall be thy] shield and buckler.

Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; [nor] for the arrow [that] flieth by day;

[Nor] for the pestilence [that] walketh in darkness; [nor] for the destruction [that] wasteth at noonday.

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; [but] it shall not come nigh thee.

Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

Because thou hast made the LORD, [which is] my refuge, [even] the most High, thy habitation;

There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

They shall bear thee up in [their] hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I [will be] with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.

With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

November 13, 2012

Give Thanks Unto the LORD

"O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever."
Psalm 118:29

November 08, 2012

Fake Terror & Staged Wars

This is excellent. Please give Max a listen.

The Max Ratt News Hour September 11th 2012 Episode 27: Fake Terror
By On November 8, 2012 

October 29th 2012 - In this Episode, Max investigates this week’s latest media hoaxes regarding alleged terrorism act in New York City.
Max Ratt 

November 06, 2012

Exposing Pedophiles

This sickens me to the core but here are a couple of recent articles from the United Kingdom regarding  pedophiles, a world-wide problem.

Award-winning journalist who helped expose the North Wales child abuse scandal calls for a proper police investigation

Powerful establishment figures accused of heinous crimes were unafraid but now live in fear of exposure
Eileen Fairweather
Eileen Fairweather

Dave McHugh
On Friday night a victim of the North Wales children's homes abuse scandal told BBC Newsnight he was prostituted in care by a senior Tory politician.

Steven Messham, now 51, had first publicly named this man 15 years ago at Sir Ronald Waterhouse's 1997 judicial inquiry into the care scandal.

But the Press was barred from reporting his shocking allegation.

I helped expose the North Wales scandal that led to the inquiry.

It is now agreed that at least 650 victims were horribly abused physically and sexually in nearly 40 care homes over 20 years.

Over several months at the inquiry, hundreds poured out their pain into a stark, modern, mostly deserted council chamber in the remote small town of Ewloe, far from the rich men's worlds of Westminster and Fleet Street.

But the Press bench was mostly empty.

Some tearfully described being raped or prostituted not just by staff but police officers, businessmen and politicians.

But reporting restrictions meant that the Press was barred from naming unprosecuted allegations.

Only seven staff were ever prosecuted and allegations against the powerful outsiders who allegedly picked up children outside the homes were never investigated by police or the inquiry, whose terms of reference were limited.

The courage and heart-breaking testimony of those who gave evidence therefore mostly went unreported.
The powerful establishment figures accused there of terrible crimes remained unafraid.

Now some ARE afraid. If you think Savile was conspiracy, the dam is about to burst on even bigger cover-ups.

The recent shocking revelations about how Savile and his pervert pals preyed for decades on defenceless youngsters in care homes and hospitals has made Britain realise that paedophile rings really do exist.
And they ARE probably protected by corrupt officials and police, not just by naivety.

For the past four decades, thousands of young people in care across Britain have described similar abuse and prostitution. Many have been dismissed as disturbed or just wanting compensation pay-outs.
Inquiries were held but their findings ignored, and no one joined the dots and asked if this was a form of well-organised crime.

The Savile scandal - which involves children of all classes and the sick, not just impoverished children abandoned to care - has made Britain ask: What if they were telling the truth all along? And what if some abusers were at the heart of Britain's Establishment?

At least 16 lads from these homes died in tragic or unexplained circumstances, several after revealing abuse. I vividly remember ringing the tribunal and asking if it would be investigating these deaths.

A very self-satisfied functionary told me it would not be and, when I angrily asked why not, he replied with an almost visible smirk: 'Well, if they're dead they can't give evidence, can they?'

I lost my professional cool and slammed down the phone and cried.

To this day no one has looked into how and why all those boys died.

Steven Messham's inquiry allegation on April 21 1997 may never be proven.

He admits he has spent time in a psychiatric hospital and received counselling, and he did not even give the inquiry the man's first name or describe him then as a politician.

He just knew that the man who abused him in posh cars and once at a hotel used by the local paedophile ring was wealthy enough to have his own driver. Young prostituted boys rarely know politicians' names or faces.

Another man who was also prostituted as a child in care in North Wales was shown a photo of the politician by another reporter and said he abused him.

I met and liked this former rent boy. But he knew that memory can play tricks and that such gossamer-thin "evidence" would hardly stand up in court.

It would be libellous and morally wrong to name the politician, given that the allegation against him has never been tested under cross-examination in open court.

But Steven's story makes one wonder what police might have found if they had really looked.

He claims police failed to put most of what he said about the politician and other man into his witness statement.

Steven Messham has asked to see David Cameron, and says these allegations ARE so serious that they must finally be made the subject of a proper police inquiry.

Much of the abuse took place at Bryn Estyn Children's Home in Wrexham, known to people as "Colditz".

All seven staff convicted of abuse were apparently picked for their similar tastes by the home's head Peter Howarth, who was jailed for 10 years in 1994 and died in prison.

Like other residents, Steven described being abused by a senior police officer who often visited Bryn Estyn. He sometimes gave him money afterwards.

On Friday's Newsnight, Steven also revealed the abuse extended outside the care home, saying: "In the home it was the standard abuse which was violent and sexual. Outside it was like you were sold, we were taken to the Crest Hotel in Wrexham, mainly on Sunday nights, where they would rent rooms.

"One particular night I always recall is when I was basically raped, tied down, and abused by nine different men."

Seven relatively lowly male care workers were convicted following an inquiry by North Wales police which many mistrust.

Victims say that a key figure in North Wales police was an abuser too and led a cover-up, while social services ignored complaints, victimised concerned staff, and aggressively suppressed 12 increasingly critical inquiry reports.

The outstandingly brave chairman of the council's social services committee, Labour councillor Malcolm King, was threatened by police, the council and their insurers with prison, bankruptcy, libel suits and forfeiting his home if he leaked the final devastating report by John Jillings to the Press.

Only 12 copies of the Jillings report were published and each was watermarked so the source of any leak could be identified. All were later pulped.

I wrote out the report's 300 pages by hand, to protect my source. It took me three days and, by agreement, I anonymously fed different sections to different papers. So did another whistleblower.

The resulting media firestorm led to the Waterhouse Inquiry.

Judge Waterhouse was horrified by the survivors' testimony, and his 1,000-page report is highly regarded.
Yet what people abused in these recurring care scandals really want is proper police investigation and arrests.

But to this day there has been no response to calls by the North Wales victims for a new investigation by an outside police force.

Steven's story makes clear why one is needed.



Rico Sorda

6:42 PM on 5/11/2012 … #metpolice #childabuse #coverup

The Jersey bloggers have stepped in where our Media were to scared or were unable to tread. members of the public armed with the internet have exposed the Cover-up

Robert Knight

4:00 PM on 5/11/2012
Senior figures are involved, and must be exposed now,that;s the only course of action to be taken, best it;s done now to obtain justice and closure [if that;s possible ] for the victims. and peace of mind for the general public !

KathrynAndy Meadows

9:04 AM on 5/11/2012

Rico Sorda

6:48 AM on 5/11/2012
Was it not David Rose of the Daily Mail that led the cover-up? The same David Rose that trashed the Jersey Child Abuse Scandal?


Paedophile scandal: Three victims name Tory bigwig as one of their abusers

Claims the senior politician from the Thatcher era arrived in limo for horrific attacks at care home

Justice fight: Child abuse victim Steve Messham
Justice fight: Child abuse victim Steve Messham

THREE victims of the North Wales care home abuse scandal named a Tory ­grandee as one of their abusers, the Sunday People can reveal.

The man – a senior political ­figure in the Thatcher era – is ­alleged to have arrived in a ­chauffeur-driven car to abuse boys at a notorious children’s home.

Experts believe this could be just the tip of the iceberg, as pressure grows for a major police ­investigation into what could be the biggest network of paedophiles ever uncovered in Britain.

Sources say the abuse scandal has far-reaching implications, with links to almost every area of public life including government.

Victim Steven Messham, 51, told the BBC’s Newsnight team he was raped by a senior politician while he was in care at the Bryn Estyn home in Wrexham, North Wales.

He said: “We were taken by car where we were just sexually abused. Various things would happen, drink would be involved. It was basically rape. But there wouldn’t be just him, others would be involved.”
Steven first publicly named his attacker 15 years ago at the 1997 judicial inquiry into the care ­scandal, but the Press was barred from ­reporting his shocking allegation.

A second witness is also ­understood to have named the grandee, but has since disappeared. The third confirmed witness 

has died. But campaigners say more ­victims are expected to come forward.

Labour MP Tom Watson, who first raised the issue of links ­between a paedophile ring and the heart of Government, said yesterday: “Since then, many more ordinary people have contacted me about suspicions they have had of a wider ­wrongdoing – in some cases so heinous it made me cry.

Tom Watson MP
Questions: MP Tom Watson
“They have talked of ­psychopaths marking children with Stanley knifes to show ‘ownership’.

“They tell of parties where ­children were passed around the men. They speak of golf course car parks for child abuse after a game.

“And they have named powerful people – some of them household names – who abused children with impunity.”

He added: “Two former police officers have raised their concerns of cover-ups. Child protection ­specialists have raised fears that the network of convicted paedophile Peter Righton was wider than at first thought.

Others have identified a former cabinet minister who regularly abused young boys. Some have raised mysterious early deaths, disappeared children, suspicious fires, intimidation and threats.”

Righton, a former lecturer at the National Institute for Social Work in London and former consultant to the National Children’s Bureau, was convicted in 1992 of importing illegal porn and was fined £900.

But police never probed his ­association with high-powered men with links to the Government.

The unnamed grandee is alleged to have taken part in the abuse of boys from a number of care homes as part of a paedophile ring.

The ring, which operated in the 1970s and 1980s, is said to have victimised hundreds of children in North Wales, as well as infiltrating the highest levels of ­local ­authorities, police and government.

The deputy head of Bryn Estyn, Peter Howarth, was jailed for abuse in 1994.

Bryn Estyn Childrens home, North Wales
Notorious: Bryn Estyn care home

Liverpool Echo
In the same year Clwyd Council ordered an inquiry.

The report by independent ­expert John Jillings named ­paedophiles and others.

But it was pulped as the council feared legal action, although one secret copy is still ­believed to exist.

In 1996, the then Welsh Secretary, William Hague ­ordered an ­inquiry by Sir Ronald Waterhouse, who heard evidence from 150 victims of abuse from 40 children’s homes.

The inquiry spent days ­questioning Steven Messham. When the name of the grandee was put to him, Steven replied: “I was also abused by him, sir. Sexually.”

He refused to give the name of another powerful figure involved.

Steven added that before the inquiry “my house was destroyed, my car was destroyed and I had numerous threats. I’m not taking any chances any more”.

When asked why he had never reported abuse when he was at the home, he replied: “There was no one to tell, sir.”


Paul Grimaldi

6:00 AM on 6/11/2012
This may turn into the biggest scandal this country has ever seen,especially if all these recent cover ups are connected.Hollie Grieg,Dunblane,North Wales,channel islands children homes and even the Jimmy Saville affair,it would explain his arrogance.Mysterious deaths of victims and witnesses.allegations of MI5 involvment,issuing death threats,to keep people quiet.Also allegations of the involvement of an ex MP,Who likes the odd train trip.If there is only a small percentage of truth in these allegations it will rock the rotten establishment to the core.If the media did their job and exposed these powerful people it would help protect the victims,after all there have even been rumours of torture and murder of children,this if true should never have taken place in 20th century Britain,if at all.

Rachel Thomas

9:58 PM on 5/11/2012
If it's not Morrison he's talking about it must be Lord McAlpine

Caroline Redbrook

7:45 PM on 5/11/2012
This underscores the need to get perpetrators like accused pedophile, Sylvain Kustyan, off
our streets ASAP! Kustyan has been formally charged with two counts of 1st Degree Sodomy of a ten-year-old little boy. This French middle school teacher has made numerous trips to England and Ireland with school children. Enablers helped him flee the US to his native France. Enablers should be held as responsible as the perpetrators,

Fredrick Bear

10:21 PM on 4/11/2012
funny isnt it that celebritys get named and shamed, quite rightly, but our Politicians, Judges, Lords and Royal family never do. maybe this latest expose of the paedophillia problem and the shear scale of it will finally get into enough of the public consciouness to facilitate change. this has been a ticking timebomb for centuries and the scale of it, especially the higher up the ladder you go, is enormous.

just a correction to a comment made by margaret stephens re Hollie Greig she stated that Hollie is now safe in England with her mother. Im afraid that isnt the case. since Hollie and her mother Anne moved to England to escape the persecution of the extremely high level and well connected paedophille ring in Scotland they have been subjected to unbelievable and illegal acts commited on them now by the English authorities. on one occassion when anne and hollie were away on a short break Shropshire Social Services and the local police RAIDED there home and literally trashed it. there wasnt a door in there little flat that wasnt off its hinges or didnt have it's locks broken. they smashed the windows and upset all the drawers. they even switched the electric off so when anne and hollie returned from their holiday all the freezer food had defrosted and spoiled! this against a down syndrome lady and her mother!!!! i have been to the Royal Courts of JustUs 3 times in the last year in support of Anne and Hollie' fight against Shropshire council who want to take Hollie away from her mother. this lady Hollie was abused in unimaginable ways for over 13 years and since going public she and her brave mother have spent the last 13 years trying to find sanctuary and or justice. unfortunately as yet they have found neither.

on a final note if anyone is interested in looking into the Hollie Greig case be careful. there is now a very well run and co-ordinated group called the Hollie Greig Hoax group who have started to make traction in the last 6 months or so saying that Hollie wasnt abused and is lying and the mother is Crazy etc, usual tactics. do research and be discerning.

God bless all victims and survivors

Maya Rainforest

9:29 PM on 4/11/2012
Looks like the Winchester abuse story did make the paper recently with another victim coming forward just google southern daily echo online
Victim comes forward after sex abuse at Winton House boys' school in Winchester for story published a couple of weeks ago

Maya Rainforest

9:16 PM on 4/11/2012
A friend of mine was abused sexually and physically repeatedly at a care home in Winchester, Hampshire. He was between the age of 9 and 12 ( he is now in his early fifties ) he was at the time suspected borderline sepecial needs. He was taken away from his parents along with his brothers and sisters against his parents will because of their religious/spiritual beliefs. He reported all this some years ago along with other victims & there was an investigation but nothing was ever done. Police said the owner of the home was too ill and old and most of the abusers were dead but there were also 'big names' he has not named names at this point but is putting everything in a book due to be published soon. He gives talks in small groups locally about his awful experiences. Heartbreaking listening to how he suffered. This is just one person out of obviously hundreds & this whole thing goes very deep. I am also familiar with the terrible Hollie Greig story. A lot of people are going to be very shocked when all this gets uncovered but at least people are finally finding out the truth of what has been going on for years.

Margaret Stephens

3:12 PM on 4/11/2012
Read about Holly Grieg, Down's syndrome girl, abused by high ranking Scottish police and possibly politicians. She is now safely in England with her mother but this deep, deep 'rabbit hole' has links with a falsely accused and imprisoned journalist, the Scottish justice system and may link with the Dunblane child massacre. Just find Holie's story on the www and be appaaaled as I was.

Dodgy Dave

3:02 PM on 4/11/2012
Come on mirror grow a spine!! we all know its Lord McAlpine!

Denise Bellamy

12:18 PM on 4/11/2012
Expose them now, no matter who they are!!

Jane Hamilton

10:42 AM on 4/11/2012
i am glad this is all coming out and the people who thought they could do this thinking they were beyond getting found out...bring it all on i say and expose these sick people and help the poor victims to heal

Paul Holroyd

10:07 AM on 4/11/2012
Hardly suprising when the ruling class of this country are packed off
by their parents at a tender age to be immersed in public school
extra curricular activities.

Robert Knight

9:43 AM on 4/11/2012
His name will come out in the end ,so put the perv out of his misery !

Caine Shaw

9:40 AM on 4/11/2012
Tom Watson should ask Ken Livingston for the dossier he brandished on the James Whale late night tv show many years ago. Ken was on the show saying he had the names and evidence of people in high places who were involved in these activities, Whale sent it to a commercial break only for ken to be gone on the next part of the show and no mention made of what he was talking about...Why does nobody ask about this and find out?

November 04, 2012

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